Keep it in the family with this unique, handmade wall-hanging sign!  Available with as many figures as you need, this sign is made just for you and to look like you.  The shapes used above have to stay the same, but the colors are totally up to you.  Just use the custom color chart in the last photo to pick the vibe that best suits each person.


Ordering is easy:


STEP ONE:  Select the number of figures you need.  One parent and four dogs? That's 5.  Two moms and two kids?  4.  Mom, dad, two daughters, and one daughter's cat and dog that take over the family house even though she's 27 and should probably move out?  That's 6... and definitely not based on a real example.


STEP TWO:  Tell us who they are, and what they look like.  So, for "Figure 1:" using the example above, you'd write "Mom, hair color 703, dress color 106."  Or "Figure 4: little hairless pink dog with blonde bangs" (and we'll figure out the rest!)


If you need more space in your description (we're only allowed to give you 500 characters, sorry!) you can email us with more at


And that's it!  

All in the Family - Hanging Sign