This stunning piece makes a statement.  At first glance, it's a pretty scene of little birds in a tree with your name on it.  But the more you look, the more you see!

Shown here is a four-generation family tree.  How can that be?  See the second picture — at the top are the first generation.  Then at the base of each branch are their children and branching out from them are the grandchildren.  And finally, at the very bottom, branching out from a branch are two great-grandchildren.  The little birds get smaller as we move through the generations, and the pinks and blues get lighter as we get younger and younger.  Some of the birds are singing, and some aren't (we all have that cousin...), but they are all in one big tree together.


We also give you the option of adding the In-Laws (not shown here).  Each in a shade of purple or green (up to you!), they will sit on the branches with their spouses to fill out the tree and make sure everyone is represented.  For only $5 extra, you can make sure to keep everyone happy and make the tree even fuller.


A perfect gift for parents and grandparents, this family tree is truly one-of-a-kind.  


Pricing is done by generation.  Parents and children are two generations, grandparents add a third generations, and great-grandparents add a fourth.  The sample shown is a four generation tree without in-laws.  But don't worry — the frame is included!  


Because of the nature of the custom order, we'll be reaching out via email to coordinate the details with you personally.

Bury Your Roots - Family Tree